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A rich and diverse cultural experience. Enjoy magnificent scenery, views across 100-year-old rice terraces, and the welcoming hospitality of the Black Hmong, White Hmong, Giay, and Red Dzao ethnic minorities. Walkthrough a bamboo forest and the Giang Ta Chai waterfall


.​Departs: Sapa, 9:00am

Duration: 4 Days

Total tour distance: 60 km

Returns: Sapa, 3:pm

Difficulty: Easy/Medium

Muong Hoa Valley Trek 4 Days Sapa Khai Hmong Treks JPG

Day 1:


  • Embark on an unforgettable adventure starting at 9:00 am as we whisk you away from your hotel and into the enchanting village of Y Linh Ho, home to the vibrant Hmong minority. Brace yourself for a breathtaking sight of century-old rice terraces that have withstood the test of time. After immersing yourself in the awe-inspiring beauty, feast on a delectable lunch at Lao Chai village, a charming settlement entrenched in Hmong heritage.

  • But the adventure doesn't end there! Brace yourself for warm hospitality as a local family, belonging to the esteemed Black Hmong minority in the captivating Sapa region, welcomes you into their homestay. Enjoy a sumptuous dinner while reveling in the thought of a peaceful overnight stay at this authentic abode. Tranquility and culture await you in this idyllic setting.

Day 2: 

  • Start your second day with a breathtaking view of the rice terraces as you open your window in the morning.

  • At 8:00 am, savor a delicious breakfast that energizes you for the day ahead. Afterward, embark on a fascinating journey to Ta Van, where you will be introduced to the warm-hearted Giay minority people. Nestled along the Muong Hoa River, this community has a rich fishing tradition that revolved around bamboo sticks and bamboo-cooked meals. Nowadays, you are more likely to witness the Giay tending to rice fields, skillfully planting or harvesting the crops.

  • Explore the enchanting bamboo forest on your way to the magnificent Giang Ta Chai waterfall. Continue your adventure to Ban Ho village, where you will spend the night in a welcoming Tay minority homestay. Immerse yourself in the local culture as you indulge in a delicious dinner and unwind during your overnight stay in the cozy homestay accommodation.

Day 3:

  • On our thrilling third day of trekking, we kickstart the morning at 8:00 am with a hearty breakfast and a cup of steaming hot coffee. Energized and ready to explore, we embark on a short and invigorating walk to Nam Toong village, where we will have the incredible opportunity to immerse ourselves in the rich culture of the Red Dzao minority. Home to about 30 families, this quaint village offers a glimpse into their unique way of life.

  • After absorbing the fascinating traditions and architecture of Nam Toong, our journey continues as we make our way to Thank Phu village, inhabited by the Tay minority group. Here, we will enjoy a delectable lunch surrounded by the stunning natural beauty of Thanh Phu village. Take a moment to relish the tranquility and breathe in the refreshing countryside air.

  • Our adventure doesn't end there! We then venture towards the enchanting Sin Chai Red Dzao village, revealing breathtaking panoramic views that will leave you in awe. Immerse yourself in the picturesque surroundings as we spend our unforgettable third night in a cozy homestay, where delicious dinner awaits. Prepare to be captivated by the warm hospitality and rich cultural experiences that await you in this remarkable village. Rest assured, this will be an overnight stay unlike any other.

Day 4: 

  • Day 4 of our thrilling adventure begins with a hearty breakfast at 8:00 am. Fuelled up and ready to explore, we commence our trek towards Nam Nhiu, where we will have the incredible opportunity to immerse ourselves in the vibrant and rich culture of the Red Dao minority people. As we continue our journey, we are greeted with breathtaking vistas of picturesque rice fields, truly a feast for the eyes.

  • Our next destination is Nam Than, a charming White Hmong village, where we will indulge in a delightful lunch showcasing the flavors of the region. After replenishing our energy, we embark on a leisurely walk down to Nam Cang, where our trusty car awaits to transport us back to Sapa.

  • Anticipate arriving in Sapa at approximately 4:00 pm, relishing the memories and experiences of a truly awe-inspiring day.

Tour includes:

  • 3 Breakfast + 4 Lunches + 3 Dinner

  • 3-nights accommodation (Homestay)

  •  1 small bottled of water/per person per day

  • Village entry fees

  • English speaking guide

  • ​Transport from the village back to Sapa at the end of the trek

Please bring:

  • Sturdy walking boots or shoes

  • Mosquito repellant

  • Hat

  • Sunscreen

  • Rain jacket

  • Seasonally appropriate clothing

  • Cash for additional purchases - You migh need to buy extra drink etc...

The tour will NOT include

  •  Personal travel insurance

  • Extra drinks during hiking (e.g.,

  • bottled water or beer)

Pick Up 

  • From your hotel in Sapa, at Sapa bus station, at Lao Cai train station or in front of Sapa Church 


  • At your hotel in Sapa, at the Sapa center or at the train station in Lao Cai city

Important note:

  • If you have a hotel in Sapa, We highly recommend you to leave your luggage there, if you don't have a hotel in Sapa you can leave your luggage with us once we meet you at Sapa Church at 7 AM.


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